There is a first time for everything…


Princess, we need to sit down and discuss your diaper use.

Why daddy?

Well sweetheart, diapers are quite expensive, and if you really want to be in them, you need to start using them to their fullest extent. So far all you have ever done is wet them. Quite well I might add, but it is time for something more.

But Daddy, I have never made a pushie! I don’t know how…

Well, that’s why we are talking now little one. I know it is right about the time of day that you normally go.We can take it from here. Now, lets get those jeggings off so your diaper is not so tight.

I hold your hands and bring you to your feet. Sliding your leggins down, I help you step out of them. Your fluffy diapered bottom now only barely covered by your Care Bears t-shirt.

Ok, now, all you have to do is open your legs up a little bit, and push.

Biting your lower lip, you tremble slightly.

It’s ok sweetheart, I am here with you. I promise, it will feel wonderful. Here, take Mr. Puddles and hold on to him if it helps you.

I hand you your favorite stuffie, and you smile slightly.

I watch as you bend slightly at the knees and give a tentative push. A muffled *poot* comes from your diaper and you giggle. Sowwy!

I rub the front of your diaper to comfort you, you moan slightly, and I see your nipples strain against the fabric of your t-shirt.

DADDY! I cannot constipate when you are doing that!

I chuckle slightly. Sweetheart, I do think you mean concentrate.

*giggle* yeah, that!

You clutch Mr. Puddles harder and grunt fiercely. I watch your belly clench. Your diaper distends a bit as your movement begins to press against it.

*straining* Daddy I am doing it!!!

I watch as the tip pushes your diaper further out and then begins to bend downward. The sounds of much more crackling and popping are coming from your bottom as you fill your diaper. Suddenly as if a plug was removed from a hole, the firm movement gives way to a much softer mess.Your diaper bulges round with a resounding squelch and a muffled squish sound as everything spreads out to make room.

You let out a slightly orgasmic sigh of relief.

I look into your eyes, they are sparkling like the night sky, and you have a large smile beaming across your face.

I did it! I did it! I did it! You squeal hugging Mr. Puddles ever so tightly and bouncing around with pride and joy. Your diaper bouncing with you, and the bulge swinging slightly.

I stand and hug you tightly, kissing you on the forehead. Good girl!!! Daddy is very very proud of you! Now, do you want to change sweetheart?

No Daddy! You exclaim. Your soft breasts heaving and your nipples nearly piercing your shirt. You hand me your jeggings.

Please dress me?

I kneel down and help you step into your jeggings and pull them up. Your jeggings were normally difficult to pull around your large bottom normally, but with a full bulging diaper, it was proving a little more difficult.

Squishy!!…. you say as your body shivers slightly.

Now, you can go relax for a while and let me know when you want a change.

I pat your bottom as your turn and waddle off to the play room. I watch your adorable diapered bum as you cross the floor. You walk right to the rocking horse I built for you, turning slightly and giving me a mischievous grin. You swing one leg over and settle in with a resounding plop.

Uuhuhughhhmmmm!!! You moan as you smash the mess in your diaper. I can only smile as I watch you rocking back and forth. I turn to make dinner, listening to your moans. Walking down the hall, I chuckle to myself as I hear your first orgasm peak. That my dear little girl….is your reward I say to myself.