“No!” Tina screamed. “Don’t wanna! It’s scary!”

Her Mommy smiled indulgently, watching the 24 year old throw a tantrum in front of the toilet. It was hard to believe this was the same girl who’d insisted, just three weeks ago, that diaper training was gross and that all those dumb hypnosis files would never work on someone who didn’t want them to. “Are you sure, baby?” she asked. “It’s really not hard. You just sit and make tinkles and then pull the little lever…”

Tina’s pigtails flew wildly as she shook her head. “No no no!” she insisted. “Never ‘gain!”

Trying not to laugh out loud, Tina’s Mommy took her by the hand and led her gently away from the potty. “Okay, baby girl,” she soothed. “If you’re sure you don’t want to. You can stay in diapers as long as you like, okay?” 

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