Burning with humiliation as she watches the clock realizing that it is another 30 minutes until 8am when she is allowed to climb out of bed.  Her DaddyDom inserted two suppositories into her bottom while her legs were lifted into the air for her diapering last night.  The combination of the awful smell, the confining childish pajamas and the crinkling of the plastic bedsheet and her baby pants was just too much to handle, the humiliation was just overwhelming and she felt the tears well up in her eyes. 

She knew that the morning would get progressively worse before it got better.  She is expected to waddle through the house and into the kitchen where she is to sit down and wait for breakfast.  She was having anxiety knowing that she would have to sit in her very wet and messy diaper until it was decided for her that it was time to take a bath. 

The tears flowed naturally as she attempted to deal with the overwhelming shame and humiliation.  She cried harder when she thought about his words to her as she was getting diapered for bed, “This is the very first time that you are being forced to poop your diapers in the night like the little baby that you are… and it certainly won’t be the last time young lady.  Forcing you to make poopies in your diaper like a big baby is the very first item on your list of punishments for when you become disobedient or forgetful of who’s in charge.  You can look on the fridge to see the list and that is where it will remain; I wonder what visitors will think about your list if they see it while getting a drink from the fridge.”

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