As he stood next to the playpen looking down at her, he explained some of the new rules that she would be adjusting to.

“I know that you didn’t realize that Daddy was going to regress you to the point of getting you a playpen.  You thought it was just going to be diapers and cute t-shirts which is as far as you have ever regressed on your own while being little. but….”

He stopped mid-sentence as he noticed her pacifier just resting in her mouth motionless and with a stern voice he said, “You will suckle that pacifier when it is in your mouth little baby.  You will make suckling noises and you may even drool a little but you will continue suckling until the time I decide to take it out.  Am I making myself very clear on this or do I need to bare your bottom for a discussion over my knee to make things clearer?”

She quickly started suckling again and the pacifier started wiggling between her lips with each sucking motion that she made.

He continued, “Diapers and T-shirts are only a part of what you need and what you will get while I’m re-parenting you.  Confining you to a playpen will assist in re-establishing your boundaries and your freedom of movement which is associated with being an adult.  Freedom to move where and when you want are no longer options for you and this will set this notion into your subconscious over time.  You will slowly learn that you are dependent on Daddy to allow you movement and freedoms when he permits it and only when he permits it.  You will learn that your physical space is in control of someone other then you.  This is the exact same reason why you are strapped into your highchair for meals and why you are put to bed in a crib with rails that get locked into place every night.”

She started blushing as the noise from wetting her diaper was obvious to him as he relaxed and let nature take its course.  His eyes glanced in that direction and he could see the wetness form as her diaper instantly went from dry to soaking wet. 

He smiled and said, “That’s a good girl.  What a silly little baby you are for questioning me about your playpen.   The playpen is also a control device so that I can introduce psychological triggers that will slowly work on your subconscious to reaffirm your regression.  The auditory memory of the brain is quite a strong engine when it is driving your perspective of the world.  You hear the suckling, you hear your pampers crinkling with every movement, you hear the plastic sheet of the playpen rustling with every move and these become powerful triggers into your regression.  Olfactory senses are also very powerful which is why I use copious amounts of baby powder during your diaper changes, sprinkle baby powder on your sheets and pillow cases before you sleep and rub you down with baby powder before we go out anywhere.  I want you to smell just like the little baby that you are and the scent of baby powder will become a trigger.”

He reached down to take the pacifier out of her mouth and replaced it with a baby bottle of apple juice.  He said, “Lay here and finish your bottle like a good girl while I read my paper and then it will be time to be put down in your crib for your afternoon nap.  You won’t be getting that diaper changed until after your nap because I want you to get used to the idea of being in a wet diaper.  The sensation of being in a wet diaper will also act as a trigger to your regression and remind you that you are just a little baby that must rely on those around you for your comfort and your diaper changes.  Gratification that you will start to look forward to will be a dry diaper, a full bottle and a snuggle on Daddy’s lap while he pats your wet diapered bottom.” 

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