…Sandy could only sit there in a demoralized funk, waiting to be taken on what would undoubtedly be the most insanely embarrassing trip to the Mall of her entire life. Okay, so she’d wet the bed a time or two in recent weeks, and possibly deserved to be punished–but diapers?!  And, omg, why did her unyieldingly strict stepmother have to be so perversely cruel about it, anyway—she’d laughingly agreed to let her stepdaughter wear shorts over the shameful undergarment in question, and had handed her the ones she found herself wearing now. Pulling them on, she was mortified to find that if she pulled them up to hide the diaper massively showing about her waist, the diaper clearly showed through the leg-openings…if she pulled them down to hide the exposed diaper between her legs, more of it would be showing around her waist. And of course, the shirt she’d been made to wear only partially covered what she so badly wanted to hide. Little did she know that her stepmother’s planned humiliation that day would get a lot worse before it got any better, something she’d only discover when she was forced to repeatedly wet the thick, crinkly  diaper, which would expand and swell to where its yellow-tinged squishiness would be increasingly impossible for her to hide, or for others to ignore…

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