“Come here  and stand in front of me young lady.” he said with a sharpness that she knew to obey.

“Daddy, I’ll be late for work….” she whined as she obediently made her way to stand in front of him as told.

“Lift your skirt and hold it up high, I want to see these cute undies that I chose for you to wear today.” he said as he pulled two baby pink diaper pins from his shirt pocket.  “These are to remind you that you are still my baby girl even when we let you pretend to be a big girl at work”

She felt the butterflies in her tummy and further down and was hoping that she didn’t wet her panties with excitement as Daddy sat so close.  She felt so submissive as she stood at attention as he pinned each diaper pin into the waistband of her undies, one on each hip. 

“You will be reminded of what you have coming when you get home baby, these pins will be used to pin you into your bedtime diapers tonight.  You will think of that throughout the day as you feel them rub against you and you will see them if you should use the little girl’s room.  A constant reminder of what a little baby you are.”

He straightened out her dress and sent her off to work with a swat on the bottom and a kiss on the cheek. 

*Reaffirmation of her status plays a vital role in achieving a plan of behavior modification consistent with re-parenting.  The goal is not about change over night but rather a small unnoticeable change repeatedly over time.  Your concentration should be on the subconscious level rather then on the physical. 

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