Squishy Summer – 1 / (i have no clue.)

“DADDY.DADDY.DADDY.DADDY,” my little girl, Alex, was straddling me bouncing up and down on me attempting to wake me up. Every bounce, I could feel her slightly wet diaper squish a little underneath her. 

Alex had issues with taking care of herself and making it to the bathroom in time so I decided to get her back into diapers until she could learn to maintain control. I think neither of us took it seriously and enjoyed having her in diapers, I certainly did. 

“What honey,” I sleepily groaned as she finally came to rest, still straddling me.

“Uhm, well, one I need changies and two,” emphasizing by enumerating with her fingers waving in front of my face, “you said you’d take me to the amusement park today,” Alex smiled and my heart melted, she had me wrapped around her little fingers.

“Of course baby, I said I would and we’re going to do it.” 

“Yayyayayay,”… and the bouncing began again. 

I grabbed her by the waist, “I can’t change you or get out of bed with you still on top of me.” 

“Ok daddy,” she squeaked and rolled off of me onto her side of the bed. I helped her out of bed and towards the changing area in the corner of our bedroom. I got her cleaned up and into a new diaper. 

I typically let Alex pick out her own outfits, I am lucky to have a little that is just the right amount of manic pixie girl, not too ambitious with her going out outfits but still manages to find the cutest outfits. 

Once Alex had picked out her outfit for the day, I helped her get her shoes and led her out to the car, buckled her and off we were to the amusement park.

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