“…So, ‘Baby Pants’…it looks like your Aunt Sylvia has you well-prepped for today’s ‘festivities’, huh—tsk, tsk, wetting the bed and daytime ‘accidents’ too, and at your age…no doubt those laughably ‘bulgy’ double-diapers she has you waddling-around in are a wise precaution indeed, considering. Well, when she mentioned how much she preferred having a pretty little niece to a horrid, naughty little nephew, we offered to use our expertise as beauty salon specialists to facilitate your ‘conversion’. And, goodness, with such long blonde hair, pretty eyelashes, and dimples and all, you should be a real ‘knock-out’ by the time we’re done…Oh, and no nonsense either, ‘Dumplings’—your Aunt assures us that you’re only too well-aware of what would happen if you’re disobedient or misbehave, so let’s hope it doesn’t come to that, shall we? So, okay…who’s ready for their pretty little ‘baby-girl’ makeover then?…”

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