Daddy: “I’ve put her down for a nap, so you’ll have a quiet time of it for the next hour or so.”

Stacy: “Aww, she’s so cute, sleeping like a baby. But I thought I was babysitting a kid, not Sophie – she’s 18 now!”

Daddy: “I know the two of you still like to play house like when you were little and I’ve decided to give her what she wants. And as you enjoy babying her, I thought you’d make the perfect babysitter.”

Stacy blushes as she hears someone knows all about her little secret.

Stacy: “Umm… Thanks, I guess. It’s weird that you know what we’ve been doing. Wait, is she… Oh my god, she’s pooping in her sleep!”

Daddy: “Yea, she was having trouble going in her nappy so I gave her something before her nap. You’ll be alright changing her after she wakes up. Anyway, I’ve got to go. You’re in charge, I trust you.”

That was a hard push! It shot out into her diaper! Must be a really wet poo!!

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