Look what I found in the bathroom! Is there something you’d like to tell me? I’m your babysitter, I deserve to know if you still have little accidents at night, don’t I? I’m the one who will have to wash your sheets tomorrow and every single day while your parents are away. 

So tell me, are these little pull-ups yours? 
Your little sister’s? That’s cute. But your sister is not here now, is she? She’s gone with you parents for the week, so why would they have left without her pull-ups? 

Why are you lying to me? Are you embarrassed that you have to wear training panties at night? Honestly you should be embarrassed, someone your age, still peeing your pants like a little girl.

Which makes me think… if you lied about these being yours, what else are you lying about? Are you wearing one of those diapers now? No?!

Well I guess it’s not bedtime yet, but you’re so agitated that I bring up your little pull-ups that I think it’s time to put you down for a nap, so you don’t get all cranky on me! That’s right, we’ll go to your bedroom and put your butt in one of these to make sure  we don’t have any accidents.

If you wake up wet I’ll assume you’re a little bedwetter and you’ll wear one of these every single night I’m here.

If you are dry however, there won’t be any need to change back to your underwear and waste a good pull-up, so you’ll keep it o while my friends are over this evening.

I can’t wait to find out which one it’s gonna be.

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