“…Well, that wasn’t very nice of your Mommy was it, to take off for the afternoon like that and lock all the doors so you couldn’t get in while she’s gone, eh? Of course, Judging by the ‘bulginess’ of those cute little shorts of yours, I’d say a certain naughty little bedwetter is still being ‘diaper-punished’ too, huh, and pardon me for mentioning it, a naughty ‘little one’ one whose diapers, at this very moment, would appear to contain a conspicuously stinky little ‘load’ as well. Now, now, Sweetie, no need to fuss or get flustered…anyway, I can see your plastic pants peeking out a bit around the back of your waistband, so it looks like you’d probably be okay ‘til your mother finally gets home, but I’ve got another idea—why don’t you come over to my house and let me tend to that dirty diaper over there myself? I’ll just get you all cleaned up, rinse out your baby panties, then use a nice thick towel as a diaper and put you back into those plastic pants again, hmmm? Come on, ‘Babycakes’, don’t be shy…I’ve changed many a diaper in my day, and that would certainly be better than sitting around in smelly poo-poo pants for the rest of the day, wouldn’t it?…”

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