Erica’s Life In Diapers

Erica’s parents couldn’t understand it, and frankly Erica didn’t care what her parents or others thought of her being a perfectly healthy 17 year old girl about to start her senior year in high school but still wearing and using diapers 24/7.

You see, Erica’s parents had been very open-minded when it came to potty training Erica and her sister Caroline, who was 3 years younger.  When Erica was born, of course she was in diapers like any other baby, and as she progressed to 2 and then 3 years old they made efforts to convince her to use the potty like others her age were starting to do, but Erica never felt right without her diapers, and decided that she was meant to be in diapers and didn’t want to use the cold and uncomfy potty.  Her parents never forced her, but would suggest every few weeks that she try and use the potty, even taking her diapers away for a week when she was 5 to try and convince her to go to the toilet like everyone else, as even her 2 year old sister was dry during the day at this point.  This only encouraged Erica to want her diapers more, and she peed and pooped her pants that whole week before her parents relented and put her back in diapers, hoping that she would learn when she was ready.

Her parents hoped that when she was headed to school for the first time at the age of 6 that she would be convinced to want to use the toilet like her classmates, but that didn’t have any effect on her love of diapers, and when the school explained to her parents that they had several kids still in diapers when they entered kindergarten and the school nurse would change them when needed, her parents seemed to relent a bit and figured they would try again with the whole toilet training process when Erica was more ready.

As Erica began to grow up, and still in diapers with no sign of wanting to give them up, they began to question whether they had done the right thing by being so lenient with their approach to toilet training their oldest daughter.  After all their youngest daughter, Caroline, was perfectly fine using the potty, and had never given a second thought to being out of diapers and using the toilet like the rest of her peers.

When Erica turned 10 she outgrew the Huggies for Girls diapers (you know the pink diapers) and her parents again thought this might persuade her to give up diapers now that her favorite diapers no longer fit her.  However, it wasn’t long before Erica found diapers that would fit her and told her parents that she wanted the Attends Youth diapers from now on, even thought they were bulkier and more crinkly that her previous Huggies.  They relented again, and started buying her youth diapers to contain her now bigger loads and wettings that she would often do in her diaper throughout the day.  Her parents even started to buy give her diapers as gifts at her birthday and Christmas, in hopes that she might be a bit embarrassed in front of her friends when she opened up a big case of diapers, but instead she loved it and her friends, who were all potty trained, thought it was cute.  Even her room looked more like a 3 year olds as opposed to a teenage girls room.  Erica had packs of diapers and loose diapers stacked everywhere.  Her room smelled like baby powder and of course diapers, and she always had a pacifier laying around somewhere, and her diaper pail with her used diapers was prominently displayed in the corner of her room.

Now at the age of 17, Erica was no closer to using the potty than she was the day she was born.  As her mom poked her head into Erica’s room to say goodnight, she saw Erica sitting on her bed watching TV in nothing but her t-shirt and diaper on full display; her normal outfit for when she was around the house.  Her mom stopped and watched as Erica slightly lifted herself off her bed and could see Erica clench her fists and could hear her slightly grunt; the telling sign that she was having a bowel movement in her diaper, and the same actions she had taken since was an actual baby when she would poop her diaper.  Her mom heard the crackling sound as a large load seemed to fill her daughters diaper, and could see the creases in the seat of her diaper expand to accommodate the massive load.  She could even see the back turn from a bright white to a dull brown color and then could hear a slight hissing sound as Erica also peed.  Finally Erica sat down in her now loaded diaper and wiggled around a bit, obviously trying to get comfy and waiting for someone to come change her now full diaper.  Her mom decided to act since she was about to head to bed and didn’t want her daughter to have to sleep in such a messy diaper.

“Hey sweety, I’m about to head to bed, do you need a diaper change before I call it a night?”  Her mom asked, already knowing the answer.

“Nooooo…I’m ok.”  Erica said shyly, knowing her messy diaper was easily detectable from the smell alone.

“Well from what I smell, I think some little girl needs her diaper changed, come here, let me check.”  Her mom said, talking to Erica in a babyish voice as if she were still a toddler in diapers.

Erica got up off her bed and waddled over to her mom, her saggy diaper now on full display.

Erica’s mom patted Erica’s crotch to feel the wetness and then patted her bottom to feel the massive load Erica had deposited into the seat of her diaper, and then pulled it back to see for herself.  Sure enough, there was a quite the load squished in Erica’s diaper.

“Come on baby girl, let momma change that stinky bomb of a diaper and then you can go to bed.” Her mom said as she led Erica by the hand to her changing mat that laid perpetually at the foot of Erica’s bed along with several stacks of fresh diapers, powder, wipes and rash cream.  She laid Erica down and began to un-tape her used diaper as she handed Erica her paci to let her suck on while she got changed, which Erica loved.

Her mom actually loved this special time with her daughter and made her feel close to her daughter despite her growing up and heading to college sooner than she’d like to admit.

As for Erica, she knew that she belonged in diapers and would never give them up, never wear panties and never use the toilet.  She was a diaper girl, and diaper girls wear and use diapers…and she couldn’t be happier about this part of her life.

***I might make a regular full length story out of this, maybe going back more into Erica’s past, or building on it more during her last year of high school and beyond.  Message me if you want me to continue.  I’ve got some ideas for future chapters/installments***

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