MUMMY NERA 101: The complete guide to being a Mummy

Lesson Eight: Corrective Regression

For most littles, finding little space can be achieved quite easily when they are alone. This is because no one is watching, and they can truly be themselves.
Add another person to the scene (i.e. Mummy, Daddy, or Caregiver) can result in regression becoming a difficult, or a stressful space for a little. Mummy Nera finds littles that are self conscious, or struggle to regress when with a caregiver need to be put into that head space very, very quickly in order for regression to be as comfortable as possible. This can take a lot of time, and trust. As a mummy you must be patient and try not to push, or rush things if they aren’t going your way. Once that little is in their little space, do not stop with regression until your little decides to come out for a break, or after that particular scene has ended. The best way to achieve regression quickly is using corrective regression.

Corrective regression (sometimes referred to as ‘forced regression’. You correct a littles behaviour not ‘force’ them in my opinion.) is simply correcting a littles behaviour in order to maintain their regression into little space. Correcting your littles behaviour is a powerful tool for a Mummy, this can help you gain control very quickly. Sometimes using corrective regression can result in the little feeling a ‘melting’ feeling inside. This gives your little the feeling of security, safety and love.

Corrective Regression can be achieved in a number of different ways. I will now give you a few examples on how to correct a littles behaviour in certain situations.

Nappy Pats: – This maybe an obvious act that a little enjoys when they are feeling little, but if you little is in a compromising situation, like being in public for example can be distracting for little space. So a little nappy pat does a lot more than you think Add a little whisper in their ear to tell them their nappy is wet, or remind them just how much they need Mummy and their nappies. Priceless!

Taking cutlery away and cutting up food: – Picture yourself telling your little their dinner is ready. Ask to get them up to the table. Bring their dinner over, and pick up their cutlery in front of them. Use their cutlery to cut their food up for them, then use the cutlery to eat your own dinner. They will soon realise they will be eating their dinner with their fingers. Believe me the reaction you will get is absolutely unforgettable. Make sure they are wearing a bib, and have some plastic baby spoons on hand too if the food is still too hot.

Nappy Checks: – Checking a littles nappy can most definitely be corrective regression, especially if they are having a tantrum about wearing one. Check their nappy but make it embarrassing. Instruct them to bend over, give the back a sniff, check the leak bands. Then put them in their little space further, by explaining big boys and girl don’t wear nappies because they can stay dry, then make it very clear that they are not a big boy or girl. This could even say boarders in to humiliation too. As the saying goes ‘Kill two birds, with one stone.’

Big Words: – Is your little using to much speech for your liking? Or even worse dirty words? Correct them for it, explain they are too little for those words, and teach them the alternative. Do they keep using big words? The dummy works very well as a big word stopper, and gives them the littlest voice while talking. Remember that saying ‘Two birds, one stone.’ Do they keep using dirty words? Mmm….mouth soaping? Leather belt? Or a bare hand? You know what to do.

Here’s an example of corrective regression at the dinner table.

“Mummy cut your dinner up sweetie…Your little teeth can’t manage those big pieces yet so Mummy cut it up nice and small… Ah don’t give me any fuss about it you are too little to do it by yourself… You will only make a mess…There we are sweetheart you eat your dinner…Don’t look at Mummy like that darling… Mummy needs the big fork and knife for her dinner…Use your fingers baby…Why do you think Mumma gave you a bib?…Come on stop pouting at eat your dinner…Or do you want Mummy to spoon feed it to you like a baby?”

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