Club D Part 2

“Drink up,” Veronica said to Abbie as she took her hand and practically dragged the confused girl over towards a group of people wearing similar clothing to them. Veronica stopped beside a boy who looked like he was in his mid twenties and was wearing a pale green t-shirt and a thick diaper. He was also sucking on a pacifier that matched his t-shirt. Veronica patted his shoulder and he turned around and smiled at the two of them.

“Hi!” Said veronica in a childish voice which made Abbie cringe inside. the boy plucked his pacifier from his mouth and smiled back at Veronica, briefly looking over at Abbie.

“Hi!” He replied in a similarly childish tone. He introduced the two girls to the other people dressed in baby clothes around him before beginning a conersation with Veronica about her “sockies” which seemed stupid to Abbie. A moment later another boy from the group who wore a blue and white spotted onesie with an obvious diaper beneath it started to talk to Abbie.

“Is it your birfday?” the boy asked in that babyish style that was so common here. Abbie anxiously drank some of her apple juice and nodded.

“How many is you?” He then asked. Abbie guessed he meant what age was she so she quickly answered, “I’m twenty four.” Confussion flickered over the boy’s face before a grin spread across it and he said, “You’re silly. That’s a Mommy age.” Abbie looked at him, not sure what to say but he broke the silence with, “I is two!” This wasn’t turning out to be the kind of converation Abbie wanted to have but there was no escape. The boy then said, “I finks you is two like me.”

Abbie found herself stuck listening to the boy talking about stuffies while she politely nodded and drank her juice. around her the others were giggling and talking about infantile things. Veronica and the other boy were sitting crosslegged on the floor together sharing the boys pacifier in turns. Soon Abbie found she had finished her juice. The boy who was talking to her noticed this and asked her a question she didn’t quite hear. It sounded lik he said, “You want a go-go shake?” Abbie didn’t know what that was but it sounded like it could have energy drink or even coffee in it and that was tantalisingly adult compared to everything that was going on around her.

She agreed and the boy happily rushed over to the bar while Abbie made her way over to Veronica.

“Can I have a word?” Abbie firmly said to Veronica. Looking up in bemusement, Veronica nodded and passed the pacifer back to the boy she was sitting with. Away from the small crowd of adult babies Abbie stared at veronica.

“What is this?” She asked annoyed.

“It’s Club D. Its fun.” Veronica answered. Abbie was not amused.

“This is weird and I hate it.” Abbie poinently said but Veronica wasn’t phased.

“Look, just relax, try have some fun. Here comes your boyfried,” Veronica slyly said before going back to the floor with the other boy. At that momnet the boy who had been talking to Abbie returned with two baby bottles with what looked like a milk shake in them.

“Here yo go.” He said handing Abbie one of the bottles. She looked at it disapointedly. She had nothing better to do than drink it so she returned to drinking her bottle while the boy talked. soon the bottle was empty and Abbie was bored again. She decided it was time to go.

“Veronica, I’m leaving,” Abbie said to her friend who was hugging a stuffed bunny. Veronica looked up at Abbie and shook her head.

“You can stay a bit longer,” she replied but Abbie was already on her way back towards the way she came in. As she was storming off she was abruptly halted by a very strong and painful cramp in her stomach. What was happening? That was unexpected. She was about to keep going when she was forced to double over by another cramp. A second later Veronica was by her side, leaning over to look her face to face.

“What did you get to drink?” Veronica asked. Abbie spluttered, “I dunno,” as another cramp hit her.

“It was a go-go shake.” She finally maneged to get out which was met by a giggle from Veronica.

“That’s not what it’s called silly.” Veronic sang to Abbie who’s stomach was gurggling now.

“It’s called an Uh-Oh Shake.” Abbie looked at Veronica confused. Veronica smiled and elaborated, saying, “Because it makes you go uh-oh.” Abbie didnt get it for about a second and then suddenly her body made it very clear what Veronica mean with a sudden feeling of preasure like she had never felt before.

Desperatly, Abbie tried to rush to the door but it became far too appartent that movement was not a possiblity right now. Abbie took a step forward and without a warning she felt an unstoppeble movement in her body. there was nothiong she could do. all of a suddent, still doubled over with bent knees, Abbie felt herself pooping heavier than she had ever before. It was like all time stopped and an explosion went off similataneously in her stomach and the back of the thick diaper she was wearing. Tears welled up in Abbie’s eyes as she felt herself uncontrolably filling her diaper. it kept going for what felt like ten times longer than any realistic ‘accident.’ Finally, Abbie felt her body stopping as she felt incredably empty and her diaper felt horribly heavy.

The silence was very suddenly broken as a hand patted Abbie on the head and a man’s kind voice said, “Uh-oh, did you make a boom boom in your diaper little girl?” Abbie looked up to see one of the men in shirts with a name badge which said “Chris” and a sympathetic smile on his face. Veronica piped up and said, “She made a stinky!” Abbie felt the tears of shame rolling down her face as the smell of her own diaper burned her nostrells and Chris gently patted her head before saying, “Lets get you out of that messy diaper sweetie and cleaned up.”

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