Tara was at a sleepover. She knew she shouldn’t have eaten so much of that takeaway last night. 

She couldn’t believe it that she had woken up in the morning to find that she had actually messed her nappy, 18 years old and she had messed herself in her sleep. 

Tara was thankful that she had woken up before all her friends so that she could sneak off to the bathroom and get rid of her full nappy. The thought of them finding out that she still wore nappies to bed would be beyond humiliating, let alone them find out that she had messed in it in her sleep.

She peeled off the nappy and got herself cleaned up. She then had the problem of disposing of it..

Wrapping it up tightly she made her way downstairs to the kitchen, which was fortunately empty and she stuffed it as far down as she could in the bin, before returning to her friends as if nothing had happened.

At breakfast there were a few comments about the smell in the kitchen…

One of her friends even commented jokingly “"did someone shit themselves last night as that’s what it smells like”  “"let’s check everyone’s butts” to which everyone laughed

Tara tried not to blush

Little did they know that one of them still wore nappies to bed and had filled it in her sleep

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