Cassie squatted down, peering anxiously under the dresser. Where had Mister Wiggles gotten to? She sucked nervously on her pacifier, the thick padding of her pretty princess diaper thrust prominently behind her. If she couldn’t find Mister Wiggles, she was going to start crying soon. She simply couldn’t take her nap without him!

Daddy – her boyfriend back then – had gotten the stuffed bunny for her more than a year ago, well before she had begun wetting the bed and spiraling gently, inexorably downward into full-blown regression. She dimly knew even now that she wasn’t really a baby, that full-grown women didn’t typically need stuffed animals, let alone a Daddy to feed them, dress them, change their soggy and messy diapers… But to put it quite simply, she just didn’t care. She loved being her Daddy’s baby, loved feeling his warm, strong hands caring for her, loved curling up against him as he fed her bottle after bottle. She even loved the feeling of her diapers, which she now needed literally every hour of the day; her potty-training had long since vanished, much to Daddy’s satisfaction, and it was a rare half-hour when she wasn’t leaking or dribbling into her warm diapers.

And so, it wasn’t all that unusual when, from her squatting position, she felt a familiar pressure suddenly building in her belly…and just as familiarly, immediately released that pressure out of habit. As the warm mess filled her diaper, she sucked harder on her pacifier and wiggled her now-stinky bottom – then got back to looking for her bunny even as her bladder released in a fresh flood of warmth. Daddy would take care of her mess. He always did…

Ooh, there’s Mister Wiggles! She grinned behind her pacifier, full diaper forgotten, as she pulled the errant stuffie from under the dresser. She now had her bunny, her binkie, and her nice warm diapie. All was truly well in her Little world.

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Please do not remove my caption; if you do, may hordes of bed bugs infest your home.

…Very nice little story well-tailored to an equally appealing pic!…

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