Brielle couldn’t believe it. What kind of sick prank was her sister pulling now?

It had started in good fun; her big sister Flora had dared her to look up weird kinds of porn online, and Brielle, never one to turn down a challenge, accepted. She was no prude, but it hadn’t taken more than a few videos of mechanized fucking, whipping, foot worship, and shit play before she’d had to turn it off. Flora had teased her mercilessly after that, calling her a huge wimp. “Not that I expected my baby sister to be anything else,” she sneered patronizingly. “Maybe we can find something more cute and cuddly for you, hmm?”

Brielle had shouted her irritation and stormed off to sulk, thinking that that was the end of it. Apparently, though, her sister had gotten very different ideas—as she had discovered just last night. “It’s a cool club,” her sister had promised. “I bet you’d like it. Wanna hang out together and see if we can’t get lucky?” She had come along – like the gullible bitch she was, she now reflected – and although the club had seemed fine, oddly enough she’d lasted only two hours before the alcohol got to her. The last thing she remembered before blacking out entirely was slumping blearily into her sister’s shoulder…

And then she had wakened here – wherever the hell here was. Her clubbing clothes were gone, and all she seemed to be wearing was a thin white top, socks, and some sort of frilly mittens. She’d tried to get up in a hung-over daze, only to find her hands and ankles had been tethered to this table or bed or whatever the hell it was. Was she tripping?

Perhaps that would have been better. Instead, her bitch of a sister appeared and, smirking broadly, rapidly taped her into some sort of absurd, crinkling diaper. “Sized just right for my little baby sister!” she cooed condescendingly, giving it a loud smack between her helpless sister’s legs. “Told ya I’d find you a kink that’s more suitable for a little baby like you.” Brielle’s confused rage unfortunately was hindered by her massive hangover, and all she could manage was “Kink? This… stupid. I’m not… baby…” Flora just grinned. “Oh, yes you are now. See, I’ve discovered that there’s apparently a large market out there for adult baby porn – and it seems to pay pretty great. So that’s why you’re going to be my new money maker. And really, what better use for a wimpy baby sister?” She smiled down at her squirming sibling. “I’ve even given you a new name—you’re Baby Babette now online. Don’t you think it sounds cute? And, oh yeah: you’ve been on camera this whole time.”

Brielle shook her head wildly, flopping like a trapped fish trying to escape. “No!” she wailed desperately. “I’m not a baby! I don’t want it…” Her sister just smirked and swiftly produced a ball gag. “Oh, Babette, you’re such a noisy baby. That can’t be good for your hangover, now can it?” She pressed the ball forcefully against Brielle’s lips. “I’m gonna need you to stop crying now. Open your mouth,” she commanded. Brielle tried to resist, but the ball was already slipping into her mouth, stifling her protests and turning them into nothing more than panicked whimpers. “Now then, baby,” Flora commanded, stepping back to assess her handiwork. “Struggle and squirm all you like, Babette – it only makes the show better.” She laughed derisively at the sight of her helpless, thickly diapered sister, moaning and gurgling and crying just as desperately as she had fantasized. “Come on, baby – put on that show! Mommy really wants a Caribbean vacation, after all. You don’t want to let down your Mommy, do you?”

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…Nothing like a good ‘evil older-sister’ story, eh?…

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