Cara lay in her crib and drank her orange juice from a baby bottle. While she lay there she was struck with the urge to pee. Rather than go to the bathroom she knew she could just go where se was. She was wearing a diaper anyway, so she didn’t have to even move to go pee. But she wanted to. She wanted to feel it when she went so she got up and got into a crouching position in her crib. She stayed that way for a moment, crouching in her crib, sucking on the nipple of her baby bottle. Then she started to pee. The flood came rushing out of her straight into her diaper beneath her, filling it up, making it warm and wet. All the time Cara kept drinking her orange juice while she wet her diaper. By the time she had completely emptied her bladder she had almost finished her juice. Once she was done peeing herself she sat back down in her crib and felt the warmness of her diaper. It felt good and she liked it. She was in no hurry to get her diaper changed at all.

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