Heather stood frozen staring at her reflection in the mirror on the living room. Had it not been for her birthday party yesterday she wouldnt even have believed herself that she was truly 19. Sure the body of the girl sje was looking at matched the age but the clothing certainly didnt. The sight made her cringe.

Heather had always had night time accidents. her mother, Sarah, simply thought her daughter would grow out of it. But as time went on she found herself to be quite mistaken. It had never really bothered her though, she had become so used to it. She had always kept her daughter in training pants at night and as Heather got older the only thing that changed was the brand. From Pullups to goodnites to actual adult incontinence briefs Heather learned to cope with it, as did Sarah. Heather had been old enough to get herself ready for bed for years but her mother always insisted on either helping or demanding Heather allow her to inspect her daughters work. A few months ago Heathers accidents had been getting worse and worse to the point where she was starting to go uncontrollably during the day. At first her mother had been very proactive about stopping this new pattern, but over the last month or so Heather could swear something had changed in her mothers attitude towards the situation.

And now here she was waddling around the living room in nothing but a double thick diaper, a baggy tshirt, amd a pacifier dangling from her chest.

Sarah was in the kitchen doing the dishes when she heard what sounded like a large child crying coming from the living room. She quickly walked towards the noise only to see a sight that nearly broke her heart.

There her Daughter of 19 was sitting splay legged in the middle of the living room bawling her eyes out like a baby. Tears ran down her cheeks and onto the bulging cotton diaper portruding from her crotch.

“Oh Baby!Whats Wrong?!” Sarah knelt down holding out her arms, “Come to Mommy Baby!”

What Heather did next stunned even Sarah. She watched as the grown womam crawled towards her on her hands and knees, not even having the fight left in her to walk like a normal adult.

Everythimg seemed right for heather as she snuggled into her mommys warm embrace burying her face into her bossom.

“There there baby…everythings okay.” Sarah cood to her daughter as she patted her padded bottom lovingly.

“Awww, is that all? Its just a wet diaper baby. Here let mommy help.”

Sarah didnt want to fight, all she wanted was to be loved by her mommy so she laid back and sobbed lightly as her mother began unfolding the changing mat.

“No wonder your so upset! ” Sarah explained popping the pacifier into Heathers mouth. “There sweety, isnt that better?”

Heather couldnt help but giggle a bit and kick her feet about happily as she sucked on her binkey. This is where belonged.

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