“…Look, Daddy, I’m all pretty an’ ‘pletely ‘pink-i-liscious‘, like in da sexy magazines, right?”

“…Yep, ‘Baby Girl’, like three heaping scoops of pastel perfection, you betcha, though a certain adorable little aspiring model had better have a crinkly pink diapee on underneath all that satin and lace and fishnet pantyhose or she’s going to end-up with a matching pink ‘tushie’ as well…”

“…Ummm…nuuu…I saved dat part for you, ‘Silly Dada’, ‘cuz ur da bestest ‘diaperer’ inna world!”

“…Ha, ha…Cute, ‘Honey Bunny’…can’t argue with ‘logic’ like that now, can we?”

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