Emma had just started to lift up
the toilet seat when someone smacked her bottom, hard. Even through the thick
padding of her nappy, she could feel the sting. She squealed and spun around, her
stomach plummeting when she saw her boyfriend’s stern expression. She’d been

“Bad girl Emma! That’s a no-no!” he
scolded. “The toilet is for grown-ups, not babies.”

Emma blushed furiously. Suddenly, a
cramp hit her and she nearly doubled over with the effort of controlling

“Ah, I see,” said her boyfriend,
knowingly. “You need to make a stinky, don’t you darling?”

“Please Daddy!” Emma begged. “I
promise, I’ll use my nappies whenever I need to pee… Just don’t make me do that in my pants!”

“Sweetie we’ve talked about this,”
he said impatiently. “You’re not an adult anymore. You’re my baby girl, and the
toilet is a thing of the past for you. Babies don’t just go pee-pee in their
pants; they go poo-poo too, and you’re not going to be any different.”

Emma opened her mouth to argue, but
she was interrupted by a sudden loud fart from her behind. Another cramp hit
her, and this time she knew she couldn’t hold it any longer. Helpless to stop
it, Emma burst into tears and started pushing an enormous yucky load into her
pants, accompanied by a strong gush of pee.

“Ew! Ew! Ewww!” she cried, stomping
her feet and flapping her hands in disgust as she finished filling her nappy, looking
just like a toddler throwing a tantrum. Her face scarlet, tears still running
down her cheeks, Emma looked imploringly up at her boyfriend. “Please change me
Daddy!” she sobbed.

“Not just yet stinky-pants,” he
said gently. It was hard to stay angry at his girlfriend when she looked so pathetic
and adorable, but she still needed to be punished. “First you’re going to stand
in the corner for a couple of hours and think about what a naughty girl you’ve


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