Entering her new baby stepsister’s nursery, Ellen now felt like she finally had her privacy. She squatted, grunting with all her might to deliberately push the mess out of her bottom into the seat of her diaper. Gasping as she felt it push against the padding of the diaper, she was overcome with the intoxicating feeling that she had become so addicted to. The sensation of the expanding bulk against her rear, the childish smell of baby powder mixed with dirty diapers; she guiltily enjoyed it all.

Little did Ellen know, however, that her stepmother had walked in mid way through and had been watching the whole thing intently. As she watched, Ellen’s stepmother picked up a new diaper and baby wipes, ready to change her stepdaughter after she finished her naughty deed.

 As shocked as her stepmother was, she couldn’t help but grin to herself at what a big baby her stepdaughter had truly become. The image of her stepdaughter deliberately pooping in her diapers in this baby nursery sent butterflies throughout her body.

When Ellen finally looked like she had finished pushing the pooh pooh out into her diapers, her stepmother asked wryly, “are you finished sweetheart? Or do you have more to push out?” 

Ellen’s cheeks immediately turned red in shame when she heard her stepmother’s voice, realizing that her stepmother had witnessed it all, and also realizing that her stepmother probably understood now that every single one of her prior pooh pooh “accidents” in her bedwetting diapers had not actually been accidents at all.

…An all-time fave and well-worth a re-reblog….

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