did you wet the bed again?” I cooed.

girlfriend nodded shyly, cringing at my condescending tone.

a good girl and show Daddy.”

Lily tucked her thumbs into the waistband of her pyjama bottoms and pulled them
down to reveal a pair of soggy pull ups. A few weeks ago she would have screamed
at me for treating her like a child, but the subliminal messages I’d been
playing for her at night were making her more submissive by the day. Her new
lifestyle was helping too; it’s hard to insist that you and your boyfriend are
equals when he spanks you for misbehaviour and makes you wear training pants to

I sang. “Someone has a very wet nappy, doesn’t she?”

not a nappy Daddy!” Lily whined tearfully, too embarrassed to look me in the
eyes. The hypnosis might have made her behaviour more babyish, but it had done
nothing to lessen the humiliation of being treated like a silly little girl.

I’m sorry sweetheart. You’re right. They’re your special just-in-case pants,
aren’t they? Good thing you had them on last night though, otherwise you would
have gone wee-wee all over your bed!”

was too much for Lily, who broke down in tears and wailed. “I don’t know why
this is happening to me!”

quickly pulled her into a tight cuddle, running one hand through her hair and
cradling her padded bottom with the other. I knew this was for the best, but it
still made me upset to see my baby girl so sad and confused.

Don’t cry little one,” I soothed. “You’re not in trouble. Lots of little girls
still wet the bed. You’ll grow out of it eventually,” I reassured her, knowing
it wasn’t true. A few more weeks of hypnosis and Lily’s bedwetting would be
permanent, then I could start work undoing her daytime continence too. I wasn’t
going to stop until she wore nappies 24/7.

“Come along now, darling,” I said, ending our cuddle and taking
her by the hand. “We need to go put a frowny face on your potty chart, and then
Daddy will get you all cleaned up. Okay, my love?”

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