Jessica stared in disbelief at her best friend, Maria who was looking very different to how Jessica had ever seen her before. Maria was dressed like an oversized baby, complete with a thick diaper, while she sucked on a baby bottle filled with milk. How could this be Maria? Jessica hadn’t seen her for a month as she had been doing other things and Maria hadn’t been talking, so when she got worried, Jessica finally went to Maria’s house where her mom met her. Now her mom was showing Jessica what had become of Maria and it was totally shocking.

“She’s happy like this and we’re happy to let her be the baby she really is,” Maria’s mom explained to Jessica in the doorway of the bedroom which had become a nursery. Jessica didn’t understand how anyone could want to be like that and had never thought that Maria would be happy as a baby.

As they stood there, Maria was kneeling on all fours in her crib, drinking her bottle. Suddenly Jessica heard Maria make a strange noise. It was like a grunt. She looked over at her friend and saw that she was now looking round at the two of them in the doorway of the room. Jessica and Maria made eye contact. Jessica didn’t know what to do as she looked at Maria. Then Maria grunted again and showed strain on her face. At the same time the seat of her diaper which was in full view thanks to the position she was in, dropped slightly and expanded. Jessica wasn’t sure what she had just witnessed but her suspicions were confirmed when Maria’s mom piped up, saying, “Uh-oh! Looks like someone is a stinky little girl! Did baby Maria make a poopy in her diaper?”

Jessica was Paralysed in shock at what had just happened. She wanted to get out of there now. This was all too strange for her but then Maria’s mom said, “Does baby Maria want Jessica to help change that messy diapie?” Surely she wasn’t being serious? Jessica couldn’t change her best friend’s diaper. Things got worse when Maria looked straight at Jessica and nodded in approval. What was she supposed to do? Jessica had to get out of there but she felt Maria’s mom take hold of her arm and begin leading her into the room while announcing, “Changing time!”

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