Why were her classmates looking at her so strangely? Didn’t they like the pretty school playroom? Didn’t they see how much fun she was having in detention?

She thought hard, staring up at them from the playmat, her pacifier working as furiously as her little brain. Maybe they were just jealous that Suri got to spend lotsa time with the nice nursie who gave her all those nice drinks, and played that pretty music for her, and helped her dress up in these special big girl clothes. Huh, she bet they probably didn’t even get to wear those nice soft diapers nursie had gotten, just for her. They were her special diapers, and those meanie girls were just jealous of how pretty they were…

Of course, it all made sense now. No wonder they looked so upset. They probably wished they were in detention too! 

Image Credit:, feat. Candy Woods (

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