“…Yeah, ‘Bedwetter’, I think we will go for a nice little drive…”

“…Should I go ask Aunt Sylvia if I can change back into my ‘big boy’ clothes then?”

“…Oh, absolutely not…I’m sure Sylvia intends for your ‘diaper punishment’ today to be as humiliating and realistically infantile as it could possibly be, so you will be going in that shiny, baby-pink rubber romper she has you waddling around in, piss-soaked diaper and all.”

“…Oh, no, pleeease…what if somebody sees me?!”

“…Ha, ha…that’s a chance I’m willing to take, ‘Baby Pants’–in fact, go get your big rubber ‘binkie’ too…you can suckle on that while we’re cruising along as well”


“…Let’s have none of that now…and you’d better be on your best behavior while we’re out too, or I just might stop the car somewhere and take you and your babyishly bulgy little bottom for a nice little walk like that too, understand?…”

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