Pamela was in a pensive mood, slowly running through the tumultuous events of the past few weeks in her mind, contemplating the huge difference in the ‘then’ and ‘now’ of her new life.

It’s obviously entirely my own fault, she freely admitted to herself. What would any family do with such a ‘wild child’ as she’d been in her freshman year of college–the crazy drinking and drug-taking, and the blatant same-sex promiscuity that had so much shamed her in the eyes of her exasperated parents, horribly  embarrassing them as well in the collective view of others in the community. And, of course, last but certainly not least, the deliberate dereliction of her academic ‘duties’ in favor of full-blown ‘truancy’. Ah, those delightfully sun-drenched days at the beach, she reflected wistfully. Yeah, well, what about ‘peer-pressure’ she argued internally, knowing in her heart though that it could never truly justify her wild behaviors. Nope, she thought with brutal honesty, it was all me. 

So it wasn’t completely surprising to her that in desperation she’d been summarily packed-off by her infuriated parents to live for an unspecified time with her middle-aged Aunt, an unmarried and no-nonsense relative who claimed to possess certain ‘skills and methods’ that would change the course of their naughty little daughter’s wayward life.

Ha, ha, ‘change’, she thought wryly, feeling the squishy bulk of her wet ‘little-girl panties’ press-up against her ‘sensitive parts’ as she shifted position slightly, a sensation she’d begun to find somewhat pleasurable. 

In fact, Aunt Mary’s ‘method’ of regressing and ‘retraining’ a problem child, though it was meant to be severe and even humiliating, had struck a strangely resonant chord within ‘Little Pammy’.  It was a great shock to be sure, watching all her panties being cut into pieces and trashed along with every other stitch of ‘adult’ clothing she possessed. It was certainly painfully shocking to be spanked with a rubber paddle ‘til she was blubbering and balling like an actual baby, while being sternly warned that any ‘resistance’ in the future would lead to more, increasingly severe, such punishment. Shocked embarrassment it was that she felt too as she was thrown bodily onto her Aunt’s bed, to have her burning little bottom smeared with fragrant baby lotion, dusted with baby powder, then to have it quite securely taped into a thick adult diaper.

And the truth is, she began to actually enjoy the overall ‘dynamic’ of the thing over time, her literal helplessness in the face of this former psychiatric nurse who demonstrated such a natural and easy dominance over her.

Within a surprisingly short while, she began to look forward to the ostensibly humiliating spoon and bottle feeding at mealtimes, to the hospital restraints her Aunt occasionally used to remind her how truly helpless she was, and to being dressed in the undeniably babyish clothing her Aunt had found for her, especially the cute and crinkly baby-panties she was so often made to wear.

She soon found that pacifiers really were amazingly soothing. She loved playing with the soft little stuffed animals and cute toys that were provided. And she particularly liked being picked up and cuddled like a little baby too. After all, Aunt Mary was a tall, full-figured, and attractive woman in her own unique, matronly way. That suited ‘Pammy’s’ erotic tastes as well, as did the ‘tingle’ she felt during pleasurably ‘hands-on’ diaper changes.

So, hey, she thought, expectantly waiting for ‘Aunty’ to change her decidedly stinky diaper, this could be way worse…no responsibilities, a life of adorable leisure, and a stern but otherwise sweet ‘caregiver’ who seemed to be becoming more physically fond of her with each passing day.

Yep, she thought dreamily, listening to her Pull-Up crinkle as she moved her legs, I honestly couldn’t care if I never ‘grew up’…

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