Lisa got up from the floor and turned around to face her huge teddy bear. she had begged her mom to buy it for her for practically years and had finally got it for her twentieth birthday, yesterday. it was the second best thing her mom had ever done for her. the best thing her mom had ever done in Lisa’s opinion was put Lisa back in diapers when she turned eighteen. for the past two years Lisa had lived as a teenage toddler and now she could be considered a toddler in her twenties which she loved. wearing diapers was the best thing in the world. while she had been sitting on the floor only a few seconds ago she had actually pooped in her diaper and then she had rubbed her butt on the floor a bit to squish it in, the way she liked it. now she was on her feet she could feel it sticking to her butt while simultaneously causing her diaper to sag down between her legs. Lisa looked at her huge teddy bear for a moment and then grabbed it and gave it a huge hug, lifting it partly off the ground. “You’re my best friend Mr Teddy!”

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