Kim rarely came home, usually only visiting for the holidays, so she felt a little awkward falling asleep in her childhood bedroom, cramped in a twin mattress with her parents sleeping in the room next door.  Still, it was only for a few days, so she closed her eyes.

She didn’t even notice the strange rippling wave that seemed to course through the room as she slept.  But when she woke up, she noticed her bed was striped with shadows.

She rubbed her eyes and sat up, feeling her body strain against the simple movement.  Maybe she had slept strangely, cramped a muscle?  Suddenly, as she attempted to roll out of bed, she hit against the wooden bars.  Was she in a crib?  What was going on?

“Is my little girl awake?” her mother exclaimed from the doorway, “oh, yes, she is!”

“Mom, what’s going on?  Why am I in a crib?” she said, pulling off the covers and realizing the thickness between her legs wasn’t bedding, but a thick disposable diaper, “did you do this?  What’s go–”

“Oh my, what a little chatterbox we are today!” her mother complimented her, seemingly not paying attention to a word she had said, instead busying herself around the room, which had transformed to pastel colors and babyish furniture, “you’re such a good talker!”

She hadn’t understood a word she said!  Kim burned with indignity.  As she sat up on her knees, she gripped the crib railing and tried to stand, her legs feeling like gelatin.  Attempting to rise, she suddenly felt a gurgle in her stomach and a wetness between her legs as she began to stream pee into her diaper.

Her father now appeared in the doorway, “good morning, hey!  Look who it is, my two favorite girls in the world.  Is Kimmie up yet, or are you waiting for her to do her…business?”

“Still waiting, but she’s going now, she always goes poopy when she’s holding onto her crib in the morning, it’s like clockwork, no point changing her diaper before then,” her mother said matter-of-factually.

Kim was furious!  What were they doing, she wasn’t some stupid baby, she was an adult!  What was going on?  They were just going to talk about her like she wasn’t there?  What was wrong with her body, she couldn’t even stop herself peeing, but she wasn’t going to just poop herself like an infant, she–

Still holding onto the wooden crib railing, Kim felt her cheeks part involuntarily, a lump of poop sliding out into her waiting diaper and falling into the seat.  She couldn’t stop it, no matter how much she tried, the warm mush pouring unabated into her diaper, completing its ruin.  She began to cry in earnest from the frustration, grunting as she pushed out the last of it, helpless.

“There she goes,” her mommy said, watching her college-aged daughter fill her diaper, “now let mommy change that messy little diaper, okay, sweetness?”

Kim sniffed as she was hoisted out of the crib and deposited unceremoniously onto the changing table.  This wasn’t her reality, it couldn’t be!  But then she heard the tapes of her diaper come off with a reverberating rip.

Her messy bottom completely exposed while her mother wiped away the mess was humiliating enough, until her dad handed her the plastic key ring meant to keep her busy.  She blushed with humiliation, they expected her to be entertained by this?  This piece of plastic?!

She flipped the keys over in her hands as her mother wiped away the remainder of her morning mess, looking at the colors.  This wasn’t the worst thing in the world, she thought, she could see how babies might be interested in the colors.

She put the keys in her mouth to see if they would fit, like a real baby might.  The keys felt nice and cool in her mouth, as did the baby powder being sprinkled on her bare legs.  She giggled at the sensation, her memories of the previous day feeling farther away.

Soon, she was completely naked, the plastic keys in her drooling mouth as her mommy pulled out a new disposable diaper for her, placing it under her bare bottom.  She pedaled her chubby feet in the air, pulling them toward her mouth, too, the plastic keys jangling noisily amidst her infantile gurgling and babbling.

She had missed being home after all.

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