Sisters were weird, that’s all Suzie would say. Ever since she’d found out about her big sister Rebecca’s little kink, she’d been having more and more fun seeing just how weird she really was. It had started last year with Suzie stumbling over an oddly large pacifier on the floor by her sister’s bed; Rebecca had protested that it was some silly prank, but Suzie had known better. Her sister never could lie, not to save her life. And so she’d wormed the truth out of her blushing, stammering sister; she enjoyed feeling little, Rebecca had admitted, and she’d been dabbling in pacifiers and even pull-ups for several years now.
Suzie had laughed at first and let it go – but the more she’d thought about it, the more she found herself getting an odd charge out of envisioning her sister crinkling around sucking on a binky. So she’d made her sister an offer: she’d promise to keep quiet and to not tell anyone, and in return Rebecca would promise to let Suzie play with her and take care of her. After all, she’d joked, someone needed to look after little baby Beckie!
And so it began. The more Suzie played around with her sister, the funner it began to seem; there was something so strangely exhilarating about watching your big sister crawl on the floor like an absolute toddler. She’d started perusing ageplay websites, collecting all sorts of interesting possibilities to enhance their little secret. Much to both their satisfaction, she’d even found thicker, better alternatives to the drugstore pull-ups Rebecca had been smuggling into the house. Sure, it was weird (and a little pricey at times) – but then too, wasn’t it was also kind of weird that she got such a kick out of it?
Today was a special day. With both their parents gone on a weekend anniversary trip, the two girls had the house to themselves – and Suzie had big plans. She’d managed to get Rebecca to wet quite often recently, but she’d always been resistant to messing herself. Wonder what she’ll do if she has no choice? she’d wondered, perhaps a trifle sadistically. Visions of her sister squatting down, helplessly soiling her thick diapers, flitted through her mind. And so she’d prepared a select menu just for Rebecca; after only a day of it, she doubted anyone would be able to keep from messing.
“Come on, sweetie!” she cooed, slipping the bottle full of “kool-aid” (actually a mixture of flavored laxative drink and castor oil) between her sister’s lips. “You’re going to be my baby all weekend, so why don’t you show big sister Suzie just how much you love your ba-ba?” Rebecca, crouching obediently on all fours and crinkling loudly with every movement, blushed and obediently began drinking, blissfully unaware of the catastrophic effect its contents would soon have upon her innards…
Suzie smiled and fondled her sister’s hair, gazing happily at the pristine white bulk of baby Beckie’s diaper. Oh, I bet that’s gonna change real soon, she giggled internally. She didn’t know why that thought was so exciting, but it was. Drink up, Beckie. The more you drink, the more you’ll mess… Oh, she couldn’t wait.

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