Attention abdls, littles, caretakers who are nannys, mommys, and daddys,

Remeber whenMiley said she wanted to be little and be an adult baby. Here is here in a diaper and baby dress, no photo shopped!!!! She is soooooo cute!!!!!!!

IM SO GLAD I WASNT THE ONLY AB THAT NOTICED! I want to be her best friend

(via TumbleOn)

Another Sissy Fantasy

Hate be spoiler.. but she only used us.. for a song reference like she gave up country music for rap.. then change her hair even..

Miley gave so much more than she took, and it was something precious to us ABDL’s…She didn’t change her ‘persona’ for the sake of a song (’Baby Steps’?), the song allowed her to publicly express something near and dear to her…People change–it’s allowed…I (and many others, no doubt) will be forever fond of ‘Little Miley’ for what she’s done to help us accept our ‘Little Side’…In the sweet innocence of ‘Babyhood’, btw, there is no hate, so…

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