Jenny always enjoyed having her dress raised to be checked by her girlfriend Ann. “Still dry, baby?” she asked. It was already 3 p.m. and she was still wearing her morning diaper. Jenny nodded, unable to speak because of her pacifier. “Okay, then, honey” she said and left Jenny in her room. She tried sitting down and playing with her toys, but she was bored. She walked around the house, playing with her dress, giggling at her sight when she walked past a full body mirror. She went to her girlfriend’s room and sat on the floor, with her legs spread wide open towards the table where Ann sat, concentrated in her writing. “Something the matter, honey?” she asked. Jenny shook her head. Ann got back to her work, then. Jenny sighed. She wanted attention. She played around in the floor for a while, sometimes flashing her padded butt to Ann, hoping she would look at her. Nothing worked! So Jenny felt something in her stomach and took the opportunity: she crouched down and began messing herself. Ann looked up from her desk and giggled at the sight of Jenny pooping in front of her. She got up, went to her and gestured to take her hand. Jenny spat the pacifier. “I’m not done, Mommy.” “That’s okay, baby.” Jenny took her hand and Ann brought her up, and took her to the living room’s couch, where she made Jenny sit on her lap. She played with her body, running her hand all over Jenny. Jenny was loving the attention. “You can finish it now, baby girl” Ann said. Jenny smiled and pushed. Ann, again, giggled, always loving that sight. After a little bit, Ann asked “Are you done?” to which Jenny answered “Yes, Mommy” “You’re such a good baby girl, honey”

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