“You like them, don’t you?” I couldn’t help but love that arch in your back. The way you wriggled and hummed as soon as I pulled the fluffy cloth diaper up your soft pink little legs.

It had been a hard sell, for me. My partner, my lover, wanted me to help her piss and shit her pants while she lay in bed beside me. Not the easiest thing to accept, until I realized how dependant it made you feel, and the sense of power it gave me to make you do it.

“Roll over, poppet. If you wet without bunnypants, you’ll be in big trouble.” Her favorite waterproof panties were printed with bunnies. “That vibrator isn’t going anywhere, and the sooner you get your plastic panties on, the sooner you can have a bottle, and the sooner you can focus on cummies in your wittle waddle soggies!”

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