She experimented with her “little” side while in college but it wasn’t until after she graduated that she met her Daddy.  He was a psychology grad student earning his MS in psychology and she fell for him instantly.  He encouraged her “little” side and pushed her far deeper into the DD/lg dynamic then she ever thought possible with his re-parenting philosophy.  A philosophy that involved a true mindset of the parent/child dynamic with regards to rules, expected behaviors and perspectives.

She was mortified at the beginning when he opened the car door to show her the new car seat that he had installed in the back of the car and announced, “Look what I bought for you baby girl!  The DMV regulations state that any person 5ft and under should ride in a booster seat in the rear of the vehicle and you’re 5ft even.  Look, it says it right here in the new booklet.”, as he pushed the book in front of her to read the page for herself. 

“Oh Please Daddy, I can’t ride in that!  Absolutely everyone will be staring at me and laughing when they see me get out of the car.” she said as she pouted and started to feel teary eyed at the thought of the humiliation.

He took her by the hand and led her to the back seat, “You’re too little to be worried about what other people think young lady.  You need to concentrate on what Daddy thinks since I’m the only one that makes decisions in this house.  Now let’s get you into it and see how you fit, it was the largest model that they had at Toys-R-Us.” 

She obediently climbed in after looking around to see if the neighbors were watching and had a little trouble adjusting her bottom into the seat because of her thick diapers but she settled in for a perfect fit as Daddy fastened the buckles and seat belt. 

“OMG, Daddy, pleeeease!” she whined as she burrowed her chin into her chest trying to disappear from the embarrassment. 

“It’s a perfect fit baby girl!  I won’t hear anymore about it.  This is your new car seat and you will just have to learn to like it or you can continue to hate it but either way, this is where you will be sitting if we go out.  The only other option is for you to magically grow another inch taller and if that doesn’t happen then this is your fate.”

She felt her eyes tear up knowing that she would be stuck in the car seat because she knew that she had been the same size since high school and wouldn’t be growing a magical inch anytime soon.

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