“You can certainly count on a good bare bottom spanking as soon as we return to the hotel young lady.”  he stated calmly. 

She was about to say something but he pushed the pacifier into her mouth before she had the chance.  Her eyes were full of despair and hopelessness as she realized that arguing was not going to change her situation or his mind.  He has always been very firm with the idea of exposing her diapered condition from time to time to utterly humiliate and embarrass her into submission.

“I’ve told you to memorize the rules and you should already be well aware that you have no choice as to when or where you are diapered or how thick your diapers will be.  You have absolutely no say in any matter regarding your punishments or behavior modification training.” 

He barked, “Is that clearly understood little miss poopie pants?”

I melted and felt a streak of humiliation run circles around my belly when he called me poopie pants.  How utterly shameful that I’ve put myself into this situation no matter how I crave the punishment or the treatment.  I absolutely hate it and get so angry at myself for craving it at the same time. 

“Little girl, We are hundreds of miles away from anyone that knows us but it’s very important for the progression of your training to be exposed to others so that they can see your very obvious regression punishment.  You will become more accepting of your status and situation as more and more people see you in the same light that I do.  A very immature and naughty woman that needs severe corrective punishments to make sure that you stay well behaved and obedient.”

He walks over to her and grabbing her by the shoulders, spins her around so she faces away from him.  With one swift motion, he raises the back of her dress and pulls the waistband of her baby pants away to peek down her diaper for a miserably embarrassing diaper check. 

“Did you make poopies in your pants little girl?  Lets get back to the hotel so that we can get you out of that dress and into your overalls for dinner.  You certainly have wet your diaper like a big baby, they are nearly soaked through; maybe we should call you PeePee Princess instead of Poopie pants.   The plastic pants will have to offer you protection since I won’t be changing your diapers until after dinner.  Forcing you to remain in soggy diapers is a constant reminder of how naughty girls are treated.”

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