See mama!! I ams a big girl!! 😊😊I wear big girl panties like mommy!!! *wiggles around in mommys panties*

Wow! Such a big girl! *pulls on the front of my panties* and what’s this underneath?

*looks around nervously while crinkling and blushing* I dunno… nuffing!!!! 🙊😇I’m big girl! *giggles*

*mommy puts hands on hips* Uh huh, sure you are. 😑*reaches in and squeezes my crotch* My goodness!! You really soaked these didn’t you baby?! I just changed you 20 min ago! Come here little one, I don’t want you leaking all over mommy’s panties. ☝🏻😘

~Lil Miss Romance

…Ha, ha…very cute….

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