‘’It’s not fair. I don’t want to wear those stupid Pull-Ups at the Easter family reunion. I don’t want to sit at the kiddies table. I don’t want to do the eggs hunt. I just turned 19, I’m not a child anymore, why doesn’t anybody take me seriously?’’

‘’Maybe because last year you got drunk out of your mind and peed your pants in front of your whole family? Your grandma reminded me of that several times last christmas… at least your parents aren’t making you wear diapers like she suggested’’

‘’Oh what an achievement!! I’m still wearing PULL-UPS! I’m still in some kind of absorbent underwear in case I piss myself like a clueless toddler. And it’s still CRINKLING like I’m in a goddamn diaper, so I don’t see how that’s good. Plus they’ve already made me wear Pull-Ups at Christmas mass and I didn’t even have an accident. I’ve been good, why are they still torturing me?’’

‘’Yes, I remember… your grandma asked me to check you, to see if you needed to be changed… that was so weird. I hope she doesn’t ask me to do the same tonight’’

‘’Are you kidding me?! I want YOU to check me!! If you don’t then SHE’ll do it… in front of EVERYONE. Do you really want to be known as the boyfriend of a diaper-wearing baby?’’

‘’Well I guess you’re right… besides if I’m the one checking you, you can sneak a quick change without anyone realizing you’ve had an accident ;)’’

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