Mom- Katie, what’s the matter?

Katie- um uh nothing mom.  Is there anyone in the restroom?

Mom- No I just left from there, why?

Katie- Oh just uh no reason.

Mom- Why do you keep tugging at your dress? …Did you have another accident?

Katie- No, mom!

Her mother walked up to her and lifted her dress.  

Mom- KATIE NICOLE JAMES! GET YOUR ASS IN THE RESTROOM RIGHT NOW! *grabs her arm and leads her the rest of the way to the mall restrooms* *while in the restroom she takes her daughter’s dress off her and spanks her dirty butt*  Take your messy panties off and throw them in the trash.

Katie- *crying* Mom! I’m sorry.  It was an accident.

Her mother takes her into a stall, bends her over and wipes her poopy butt like she did when she was potty training.

Mom-  I’ve had it with you and all the accidents you have been having!  When we leave here, we are going to the pharmacy and buying you some diapers!

Katie- DIAPERS! MOM.. NO!  

Mom- Don’t you tell me no! *spanks her on clean butt cheek* You better get used to wearing them too.  You will be wearing them for a very long time!

Super cute picture and great little punishment story to go along with it.

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