“…I don’t care how your Mother usually punishes you , ‘Princess’, as long as you’re staying with me, I intend to deal with your blatant ‘indiscretions’ as I see fit! If you choose to act as irresponsibly as you did by staying out all night with your slutty friends, then I’ll control every aspect of your privileged little life from here on out, just the way you’re being controlled now. Because you’re not one bit of a ‘big girl’ now, are you? Nope, you’re as helpless as a little baby, unable to speak or even to use the bathroom like a grown-up.  In fact, I’m going to leave you there like that while I make a quick run down to the drugstore to pick up some necessary ‘baby things’ to use as part of your ongoing punishment…then when you finally lose control of your bladder and find yourself sitting in a big puddle of stinky pee, I’ll have the diapers and everything on hand to put you in the appropriately babyish state you so richly deserve. Ha, ha… How does my naughty little niece like that, huh?”

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