Andy: Is my big sister finally learning to use the potty?
Blair: Shut up! What are you doing here? I’m trying to pee, get out you perv!! I’m gonna tell mom!
Andy: Mom asked me to watch over you remember?
Blair: Sure, but I don’t think it included stalking me when I’m going to the fucking bathroom, give me some privacy for god’s sake!
Andy: Don’t worry I’m leaving, I was just coming to tell you that your friend has arrived.
Blair: WHAT?!
Denise: What the hell are you doing Blair? Are you using a toddler’s potty?
Andy: You’re damn right she is. She’s also wearing Pull-Ups. The potty is just to make sure she doesn’t have accidents… 
Denise: You mean Pull-Ups like… the diapers?!
Andy: She prefers we refer to them as ‘’training pants’’, she’s almost always dry now. 
Denise: Oh. my. go. wait until Lisa hears about this, I gotta snap a picture!
Blair: NO! It’s not what you think!! It’s just a punishment from my mom, I don’t usually wear this..

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